Basically I’m a freelance arts writer, activist and arts worker living on Larrakia land in Gulumoerrgin (Darwin, Northern Territory). I am passionate about the arts and wider creative ecology of Australia’s Top End, which is my permanent home.

During my career I have worked in remote and regional art centres within the Northern Territory and Western Australia, most notably as the Gallery Co-ordinator of Warmun Art Centre. I have also worked within major national arts institutions including the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory and the Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art. My professional interests lie in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contemporary art practices, Top End art practices more generally, and remote and regional arts development. This includes the labour issues and critical museology studies associated with this production. My arts journalism has featured extensively in national and international print and online publications over the past 10 years. As an activist I have been an organiser of the Darwin Free University since 2018.

During my visual arts study, I received a scholarship to attend the State University of New York, Long Island, USA. I have also worked as an academic tutor at the University of Queensland and the University of Melbourne and as an English Content Editor at the Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany.

My academic and visual research as an honours graduate in Art History honours (University of Queensland) and a graduate in Fine Art (Painting) (Queensland College of Art) focused on the intersection between visual art and political engagement, mainly pertaining to the social construction of nation within the scope of present-day Australia. This research formed the basis of my honours thesis exploring the properties of protest art during John Howard’s leadership of the Liberal-National Coalition Government (1996 – 2007).

I’m always keen to work with new art workers, publications, artists, activists and other writers in any of these capacities. Due to My interest in the relationship between art, politics, social and cultural studies, I am open to expanding the scope of their published writing to include commissions from relevant publications and projects outside the visual arts scene.


Bachelor of Arts – Honours (Extended major in Art History) – University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) – Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, Australia

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National Library of Australia Oral History and Folklore Project (Editing and Transcription): January 2015 to current time
University of Melbourne Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (Academic Tutor): January 2015 to December 2015
1914 – 1918 Online Project Freie Universitat Berlin (English Content Editor): July 2013 to December 2014
Pagemasters Publishing Solutions (Digital Sub-Editor): December 2011 to December 2012
Gallery of Modern Art / Queensland Art Gallery (Publications Department): June 2011 to December 2012
University of Queensland Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (Academic Tutor): July 2011 to February 2012
University of Queensland Art Gallery (Gallery Services Officer): February 2011 to March 2012
University of Queensland Art Gallery (Curatorial Intern, New Psychedelia exhibition): May 2011
Stony Brook University Sackler gallery, Long Island USA (Gallery Services Officer): August to December 2010
Planet Radio Brisbane (Music Reviewer): January 2006 to March 2007
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane (Front Desk Assistant): April 2005 to March 2006